Rally Racing is motorsport racing driven by point & click. Plot your course in top down view and test your driver skills in real time action.

My goal is to build a competitive racing challenge while keeping the control very simple yet still precise. All control is at the finger tip as you only need one your mouse to race your car (a touch driven mode is being experimented). Combined with various tuning options you´ll be able to change the car behaviour to match your style and track conditions and get ahead of the competition.

The game is in early development; ther´s no sound and there are place holders all around. Nevertheless this is a playable build that anyone can test. You can pick one off three cars (pick the WRC one) and try them on a RallyCross track (Montalegre RX) or a makeshift Monaco rally stage.There is no car damage, or off-track penalty beyond invalidating your lap time. But you should be able to race yourself for the best time.

A lap in game (old) video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJgex24qYZg

Thanks for looking.

WIn, Osx and Linux builds are provided along with the browser version. The recommended min resolution is 1280x768px.

Update all the tested browsers are working ; Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox

Install instructions

To play, unzip the game file and run the .exe. Thats all

The Osx and Linux builds provided are not tested, should be fine do.


RallyRacev1.01_win32.zip 56 MB
RallyRacev1.01_osx32.zip 59 MB
RallyRacev1.01_linux32.zip 64 MB